Saturday, November 5, 2011

Born to Hand Chive

In light of an impending frost, we decided to get the last of the produce out of the garden.  It's a rather small garden so all we really had left was a handful of green onions.  Our garden is relatively new and malnourished, so our onions were rather sad and skinny.  They tasted great though (much more flavourful than the chives by our door step), so I was happy to have them volunteering for service in my kitchen.  After making a couple stir-fries with the green onions, I looked at the bowl of the remaining onions and tried to figure out how to make them useful.  I decided that they needed a longer tenure in my home, so I decided to try drying them.

I turned my oven to 200 F, put the onions on a baking sheet and placed them in the oven.  About 20 minutes later my house smelled amazing.  I thought someone down the street was making French Onion soup (until I remembered that it was my own oven giving off that glorious smell.)  After 30 minutes, the onions were dried and ready for whatever duty I placed on them. 

I haven't made anything with them yet, but I can hardly wait.  I'm thinking a nice soup or some baked potatoes would be the perfect dish for these onions.

Did you dry any herbs or veggies this fall?  How did it go?

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