Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DIY Greek Yogurt

**Disclaimer - This is not about making your own yogurt.  This is about making Greek yogurt out of plain yogurt.**

We love Greek yogurt in our house, but really don't like the price.  My hubby tried some Key Lime Greek yogurt a few weeks ago and finally realized what all the hype was about. We're all hooked!

But, it's so expensive!  It's hard to find it for less than $1.00 per serving.  I heard from a friend of a friend that it's possible to make your own Greek yogurt.  And it's easy!  I've made it a few times now.  It's so much cheaper this way.  And easy.  Did I say easy already?  Oh, sorry.  Well, it is.

You'll need:
- Cheesecloth
- Plain Yogurt (I use Balkan style, but you can use whatever you like)
- Big Sieve
- Big Bowl

Set your sieve in your big bowl.

Cut some cheesecloth, a double layer.  You don't want your yogurt oozing out.

 Cut your cheesecloth so that it will hang over the edge of the sieve.

Pour your yogurt into the cheesecloth, sieve and bowl.

 We eat this stuff like it's the last one we'll ever have, so I make two at a time.

Set it in your fridge, uncovered.

Let the yogurt sit for 6-24 hours.  After about two hours you may need to drain the whey (that yellow liquid that runs off.)  You can save the whey to use in baking or smoothies.

After 6-24 hours (however long you're willing to wait) gather the corners of the cheesecloth, lift it up and turn it over into a resealable dish.  Discard the cheesecloth.

And you've got Greek yogurt!

Add honey or your own flavouring (if necessary) and enjoy.  

When my hubby tasted this for the first time he said it was so much better than the Greek yogurt that costs more in the stores.

Try it and see!  It's so easy...  you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.


  1. Wheyt a minute!! That's all that's different?? The whey??


  2. What!? I had no idea! I love Greek yogurt. This is fantastic news! Thanks for sharing. :) Do you think it works with nonfat yogurt? And can you find cheesecloth in the grocery store?

    1. I always get my cheesecloth at the grocery store. Just ask a clerk where to find it.

      I haven't tried it with non-fat yogurt, but from what I understand, it should work. You're just letting the whey separate.